About the Show

Great music comes from all decades and genres. Variety is a guarantee, with everything from classic rock to K-Pop... OK, maybe that's stretching it a little.

The music for each show is hand picked, with a playlist crafted to bring you all time favourites, forgotten gems - and songs you may never have heard before.

Where to Listen

I'm currently broadcasting exclusively through internet only station, Reach OnAir, but may well pop up on other stations again in the future.

Enable the skill "Reach On Air" on your smart speaker, find it on the TuneIn app, or just click the big listen button on this site. It's really easy, honest!

When to Listen

Thursday (13th August), 5-7pm

Keep checking this page and the socials. I'll be hosting "as and when" rather than at fixed times each week.

After many years of structured schedules, I'm embracing the freeform approach!

  • Each show is:
  • News/politics FREE
  • Ad FREE
  • CURATED with love

About Me

Having started out on internet based radio at the turn of the century, I've found my way to local FM and even regional DAB over the years.

Now I'm back to my roots, having casted off genre-specific shackles and the burden of a fixed weekly schedule.

I'm a geek who enjoys food - lots of food. Also, a geek who "doesn't get" Star Wars and happens to enjoy a lot of different sports! A contradiction? Oh yes!

Big fan of retro gaming - I suppose it comes with the geekishness! My reaction times aren't what they used to be though - man, do I feel old!

If you want to send me a message, DM me through any of the social media options.